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Square foot Gardening

So you want to be healthy and have the idea of growing your own vegetables and herbs, but if you haven’t got the space, don’t want to buy loads of pots, or dig up half of your lovely grass lawn, there’s a simple solution you may not have heard of.

As the name suggests, square foot gardening is a way of growing in small plots, where you divide the growing area into small square sections, each growing something different. By bunching all your plants closely together, it’s easier to look after, there’s little space for weeds to grow and it means you can grow a lot in a small area.


This simple concept uses raised beds of soil, contained in a frame, so you can build it anywhere – and it’s a perfect solution for when your existing garden soil is heavy clay and too acidic for many plants. It also means no back-breaking digging – perfect!

All you need is some wooden planks for the sides of the frame, which should be about 30cm wide to give you a nice deep bed, and then just pile in a mix of good quality soil and compost. Mark out your divisions so you know what’s going where, water well and just get planting your seeds or seedlings.

Of course you’ll need to plan out what you want to grow before – luckily there’s tons of info online to help you get the perfect design. Anyone can be a gardener, though if you are a newbie, it’s best to start small and then grow more as you gain experience.


If you want to get started, here are some places to go get supplies:

Asia Enterprise, Kg. Kilanas
(soil, compost, gardening tools, seeds, seedlings)
Tel: 2662456

Fourmosa Agri-Tech, Kg. Pengkalan Batu, (soil, compost, gardening tools, seedlings)
Tel: 8981443

Gadong Plant Market
(vegetable and herb plants)
Friday and Sunday mornings

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