A Progresif Life


Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a pause button for every grey Monday that came your way? We all have lives to go back to when the clock hits five, but sometimes work gets the best of us, and we marry our jobs with our days off.

We all know when you’re at work or play, there’s always a sense of belonging somewhere in the mix. That sense of being part of a bigger group. to be part of a family. But sometimes families don’t always agree on things. Ideas and values get lost in translation, which may be because of different points of view—only a misunderstanding.

aprogresiflife-globalchangeagentsNow take a deep breath and open your eyes to your inner change agent. The new leader, the go-getter, the mover, the shaker, the catalyst—the one that is not preoccupied with power, status, or who’s bigger or better. The one that makes do with whatever they are dealt with, no matter how grey the day may seem. That’s right, these are the true game-changers.

Little did we know, there’s a global change agent lurking in each of us. We just have to switch it on because it’s actually just a state of mind. In a world where we’re easily comfortable with routines, these global change agents think and feel differently. They envision a better day, whether it’s at work or home. Anywhere with just about everyone.

Simply put, these people are agents of change. They work with what they’ve got and they work with others to make things better. They throw competitiveness and political games out of the door with one sole purpose: to create something that makes a difference by working together in harmony for a greater cause – in the end to create something beautiful. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to make a change in the world, pat yourself on the back because you’re a true global change agent and we salute you.


No matter what kind of smartphone you have, these apps are must haves.
By Al-Haadi Abu Bakar, Digital native & Mobile tech writer

Your new smartphone is sleek and cutting-edge, but without the right apps, you’re missing out. Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are popular apps found on almost every Bruneian’s smartphone. Here are five more you should download:

We all know that smartphones are great note-taking devices. Consider Evernote note-taking on steroids. It is a powerful productivity platform that stores your notes, ideas and documents in the cloud, keeping everything together so you can access them on any device. Evernote takes pictures (great for documenting receipts), records voice, dictates voice to
text, shares notes with other Evernote users, saves web links and web pages and even archives notes in different notebooks. It is an exceptional productivity app that everybody should have.

Google Keep
If nice and simple is more than sufficient, try Google Keep, a note taking app that’s perfect for micro tasks including shopping lists, reminders, telephone numbers, authentication keys and passwords – the things you would normally jot down on a little notepad. Google Keep is easy to use and sync to the cloud. It has a handy widget that allows you to quickly create and colour code a note or task list, snap a photo or record a voice memo, and you can review recent notes without having to fire up the app.

If you do a lot of online reading on your phone, you’ll find Pocket indispensable. It allows you to bookmark web pages online and save them for offline reading and archiving. The pages are automatically uploaded to all your devices, so you can access saved articles anytime and anywhere. This is handy when you’re on a long flight with no Internet access.

Chances are you already use at least one of the many popular newsreader apps, be it Flipboard, Zite, Pulse or BBC. Umano ups the game. It’s an audio app that reads the news to you, because there are situations when you can’t scroll through news feeds. Umano pulls in the news you want from a variety of sources and broadcasts the articles, voiced by professional newsreaders, in the order of your choice. Connect your phone to your car stereo and listen to self-curated news, articles, blogs or self-help articles during your morning commute.

Smartphones are pocket computers that need to backed-up beyond what is available on micro-SD cards. Dropbox is my top pick to organise my digital lifestyle. It is a simple way to transport files between your personal computer and smartphone without the need for cables, memory cards, external flash drives or email attachments. Install Dropbox in your PC and simply load your files into the Dropbox folder. The same files will appear in your phone via the Dropbox app. This also works the other way round. Dropbox offers 2GB of free online storage and up to 100GB for
paying customers.