The plans you need, the phones you want. Let’s help you pick one.


Apple iPhone 7

It can swim with the fishes – literally for up to 30 minutes thanks to its IP67 dust, splash and water resistance (it can withstand a modest water dunk up to 3.3 feet). And its 12MP camera comes with optical image stabilization (OIS) that counters any unwanted camera shake making snapshots much easier. Featuring 7000 Series aluminium, it’s gorgeous and even more durable while still being lightweight. Add in its super quick quad-core A10 Fusion processor and you’ve got a speedy smartphone.


Apple iPhone 6s

What’s changed? Everything. Body’s stronger, camera’s sharper and the real-time feel on screen is different yet ever so familiar with the new 3D Touch. Design-wise it sticks to the art of minimalism: less is more. Packed with a 12MP iSight camera, you’ll be shooting videos at production house standards and selfies are now almost mirror-like with its 5MP FaceTime HD camera. Most importantly, this time around you get a more stable OS running on a custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip.


Google Nexus 6P

It helps to have beautiful parents and good genes – with a curved metal shell unibody made from aeronautical-grade anodized aluminium (yup, it’s the stuff that space shuttles’ are made of) and diamond-edge-surrounding, this baby from Google and Huawei looks like it came straight from outer space – sleek and sophisticated.


Huawei P9

Would you love a Leica? For the photography buffs out there Leica cameras would probably be number one on your list. Now, you won’t have to imagine if your phone had a Leica strapped to it – because Huawei and Leica already did that for you. With it’s dual lens you get clear, fast and precise shots. And with its tripple antennas, you won’t have to worry about uploading professional-like photos on Instagram for that quick post.

Huawei-P8 Lite-01

Huawei P8 Lite

At 7.7mm slim its balanced design makes it easy to fit in your pocket – perfect for the times you’re travelling when you need to take a quick snap of anything from beautiful sceneries to people with its 13MP camera and 5MP face camera – leaving photos crisp, natural and sharp too because of its low light shooting ability all thanks to its processor the Octa-core 64-bit Kirin 620, which supports HDR photography.


Huawei Mate 8

Being the first smartphone to utilise Sony’s newest 16MP IMX298 stacked image sensor (camera), it gives you freedom to perfectly shoot things the way you want to, be it videos in slow-motion or sharp photos for your family album. Add in the 6.0” FHD display and you’ve got a mini-movie-screen in the palm of your hands.


Huawei G8

Constructed with aviation-level aluminium and manufactured using ceramic sand blasting technology, the G8 body is 90% metal and has a 2.5D Cambered Surface, which makes it useful when you need a rugged phone that protects itself against most cracks and scratches. The 13MP back-illuminated sensor is awesome in ultra-low lighting scenarios great for your nights out – plus its optical image stabilisation feature, which gives a seamless video or photo experience cutting back the blurs.


Huawei Y625

With a body that’s made out of canvas, you’d think you were holding a picture perfect portrait from Picasso. Yup, it’s that comfortable to hold. Add in the fact that you could double tap the screen to wake it up, it’s definitely got the magic touch.


Huawei Y330

A simple phone for an easy day that gets the job done for whatever comes your way, be it a call or a text. Let the Y330 surprise you with the in-smile recognition feature that takes the picture with just a smile, you won’t even have to press a button.


Samsung S7

Wanna make a call underwater? You might just be able to since the S7 is water-resistant up to 5 feet, which can last for as long as 30 minutes if it drops into somewhere not-so-dry (nothing fishy here). You can also beef up its memory to up to 200GB with a Micro SD card to get that much needed expansion for your business files, videos and photos – which will be more than vivid being the first phone with fast reaction dual-pixel technology (awesome for low-lighting conditions and quick shots).


Samsung Note 5


Sony C1605 Xperia E

It won’t really matter if you’re in a place full of people or ambient sounds, because the Xperia E has great call quality due to its HD Voice feature and noise cancellation. It’s also good for the times when youneed to unwind with chill-out vibes. Thanks to itsxLoud feature, music will sound pretty sweet.


Vivo Y27

Going back to basics. Here is a 4G dual SIM ready phone that has features like Geo-tagging, so with every photo you’ll leave a trace of where you’ve been. The Vivo Y27 also takes sharp, detailed videos, for those who love to collect memories as they go along.


Vivo Y22

Making phone calls won’t seem like a chore anymore since the Vivo Y22 is lightweight. For a basic phone you can still get the most out of it, like its 5MP front camera – face calls will seem vibrant because of its realistic colour and bright display. Plus, it’s also dual SIM supported and 3G-ready.


Vivo V3 Max