Free Unlimited Plan


If you’re new to the Progresif family, from August 23rd till September 30th 2017, when you sign up for both an Unlimited Plan and a Handset Plan, you’ll get your 1st month for FREE, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying your (Postpaid Unlimited) phone bill for that month.

Here are a couple of questions you might be asking:

Can I get 1 month for FREE?

Only new customers who sign up to both an Unlimited Plan and a Handset Plan during this promotion will have their 1st month phone bill waived.

What does '1 month FREE' mean?

You’ll get 1 month FREE-OF-CHARGE on your phone bill no matter what Unlimited Plan you’re on, which includes any Data Packs you have.

When's the last day I can join?

This campaign runs from August 23rd till September 30th 2017.

How do I sign up?

Simply visit any of our Progresif stores when you’re free and sign up for both an Unlimited Plan (for as low as $20, giving you Unlimited calls and Unlimited texts) and a Handset Plan (where you can pick your dream phone):

Unlimited Base Plan $20
Calls Unlimited
Text Unlimited
Data None – Simply add on

You can add on as much data as you need:

Monthly Data Packs Price
2GB $10
5GB $25
10GB $40
20GB $55
40GB $70
80GB $85

When will I receive the free month Unlimited Plan and Pack?

You will get the free month upfront and only pay for the pro-rated (if any) depending on the day of the month that you sign up.

When will I get my bill statement?

You’ll get your bill statement during the first week of the next month after you sign up. And starting from September 2017, if you pass us your email address you can have your bill statement sent directly to your inbox every month.