Free Youtube


Unlimited YouTube Top-Up Campaign is a promotion where Prepaid subscribers can get FREE access to YouTube for 24 hours for every top up of $15 during the campaign period. It will start on 11th to 20th Aug 2017.

Who is eligible for this campaign?

The campaign is eligible for any Progresif prepaid subscribers who top up $15 and above in one transaction during the campaign period.

This includes all Unlimited, Broadband, Visitor and Uni Plan subscribers.

What kind of top-up is entitled for the reward?

This campaign is open to all types of top-up of $15 and above in one transaction, including through eTop-up, Bank TopUp and scratch card.

What is the reward?

You will be entitled for Free YouTube use on your App and browser for 24 hours. Any application that is outside of YouTube will be chargeable.

Will I be notified of getting the free usage for YouTube?

Yes, you will receive a text which will inform you to send the text “getfree” to 39123 to claim the free YouTube reward.

When do I have to send the text “getfree” to claim the reward?

You will have time up to midnight of the next day from the time you receive the text stating your eligibility to claim. If you do not claim your reward by midnight the next day, your reward will be forfeited.

How will I know if I have successfully received the reward?

You will receive a text stating the successful claim of your reward.

Can I use the Unlimited YouTube even when I have no balance?

Yes, you can.

Where can I do bank top up?

Bank top up is available through BIBD Mobile banking app, BIBD Online and Corporate Internet Banking, Perbadanan TAIB Digital Banking App, Baiduri i-Banking Mobile app, ATM and Personal i-Banking and mybillpayment with Standard Chartered.

Where can I get eTop up?

You can get our eTop Up at all Progresif stores and our vendors by clicking here.

Will I get my Free YouTube usage if I do the Top Up separately, accumulating to $15?

No- for this campaign, the Free YouTube reward is applicable for all TopUp of $15 in one transaction.

How many times can I earn the Free YouTube usage? If I top up a multiple of $15, do I get a multiple amount of Free YouTube usage?

Yes, your Free YouTube usage will then be extended by another 24 hours from the day you claim the reward.  There are no limitations to how many times you can earn the free YouTube usage. Every $15 top up in one transaction will entitle a reward.

What is the maximum amount of top up through etop up/bank top up?

The maximum amount of eTop up and Bank top up is $100 per transaction.

How long is the top up of $15 valid for?

The $15 top up is valid for 90 days.

Is the validity period of any existing remainder of YouTube Free usage extended with every new top up?

There is no roll-over for the validity of the free unlimited YouTube usage.  After the 24 hours of YouTube Free usage, any remainder usage will not be rolled over.