Handset Plans



Get your dream phone for as low as 9 dollars per month by paying a little upfront with a Progresif Postpaid Plan. Click here to check out what phones we have in store.

How does this 24-month contract work?

When you choose a Postpaid Plan you’ll be given store credit, which will vary in amount depending on the plan you decide to take. After you’ve picked a plan, all you need to do is pay in installments for the next 24 months.

What do we mean by 'paying a little upfront'?

Well, that means you’ll only have to pay a portion instead of the full price of the phone. This let’s you pay the rest in installments on a 24-month contract.

What is 'store credit'?

We’re happy you asked – it’s a set amount that’s specifically deducted off the full price of any phone. We’ve introduced store credit to make it easier for you to get your dream phone, without paying the full price of the phone all at once. It’s our way of letting you pay the remainder on your own time on a monthly basis.

Okay, but what is it exactly that I'm paying upfront?

It’s pretty simple – you pay a balance of the full price of your phone minus the store credit upfront and the remaining over the next 24 months.

Payment/ month Store Credit
$9 $200
$18 $400
$27 $600

What are the terms and conditions?

Click here to view the Handset Plan policy.