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You’ve been making the right choices so far – you’re studying smart for a better future, and we believe that’s progressive thinking. So whether you’re in college or university, it’s an awesome time to be a student. Because with our Progresif Uni Plan, you get unlimited WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, plus unlimited calls and texts to any of your friends on the same Uni Plan for one flat rate. Yup, we thought it’d be nice to lend a helping hand to you by letting you stay connected with who you want the way you want to – all in one smart Plan.


Additional Packs


I Wanna Download The Uni-Form

If you’re a student – it’s your lucky day. Only students (that’s you) get to apply for the Progresif Uni Plan, which gives you unlimited free usage of – well, the benefits you see in the box to the left. Pretty awesome huh? And to make it easier for you, you can download the application form here. This speeds things up, so when you visit our counters you already have a form filled in. Yep –

What is Uni Plan?

We’re glad you asked.Remember when we asked you about how you stay in touch and what you need in a Plan? Well, here it is: Unlimited WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, plus calls and texts to any of your friends on the same Uni Plan. The best part is you can choose a weekly plan for $7/per week and get 250MB of data – or a monthly plan for $25/per month and get 1GB. Yup, so if you’re a student in college or university,now you can stay connected – all in one smart Plan.

Can I get the Uni Plan?

Well, if you’re a local or international student studying in any of the colleges or universities listed below, then yes you can sign up for the Uni Plan –you’ll simply need to show us your Student ID card when you register at our counters in store.

  1. Universiti Brunei Darussalam
  2. UniversitiTeknologi Brunei
  3. Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali
  4. KolejUniversitiPerguruanUgama Seri Begawan
  5. Politeknik Brunei
  6. IBTE KampusJefriBolkiah
  7. Laksamana College Brunei
  8. KEMUDA Institute
  9. International Graduate Studies College
  10. Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology
  11. MaktabDuli PMAB
  12. Jerudong International School

I'm a student but I don't have a Student ID card. How do I sign up?

It’s pretty simple. If you’re a student in any of the colleges or universities listed below and you don’t have a Student ID card –all you need to do is fill-in a form, which you can download here and get it verified with an official stamp (in blue ink) at your college/university’s Admin Office. With the form, you can then drop by any of our Progresif stores where our happy sales team can help you register.

  1. IBTE KampusAgroTeknologi
  2. IBTE KampusNakhodaRagam
  3. IBTE KampusMekanikal
  4. IBTE KampusBisnes
  5. IBTE Kampus Sultan Bolkiah
  6. IBTE Kampus Sultan SaifulRijal
  7. Micronet International College
  8. MaktabSains PSBS
  9. PusatTingkatanEnamMeragang
  10. PusatTingkatanEnam Sengkurong
  11. PusatTingkatanEnamTutong
  12. Focus Computer School

How do I sign up and subscribe to the Uni Plan?

The first thing you have to do is buy a UniSIM card, which you can get at any of our stores (yup, the Uni Plan will only work on a UniSIM). You can either register over the counter or via SMS. All you’ll need to do is text “addUni7” for a weekly plan or “addUni25” for a monthly one to 39123. And don’t worry so much about typing, it’s not case-sensitive e.g. “adduni7”.

*Plans auto-renew after a week/month if you have enough credit.

Can I add-on Packs like Data, Voice and SMS?

Sure thing. Simply pick a Data Pack or Voice and SMS Pack based on how you use your data and how you talk and text. This gives you total control of how you wanna build your own custom plan. You can also subscribe to multiple Packs all at the same time.

 *Packs won’t auto-renew.

How do I add-on Data, Voice and SMS Packs?

Well, you’ve got the choice of getting some help from our happy sales team when you visit any of our counters in store or you can do it yourself by picking a Pack from the list above and texting the Subscription SMS. So let’s say you wanna pick a weekly 1GB Pack – simply text “add1GB” and send it to 39123 and you’re done.

 *Don’t worry, Subscription SMSes aren’t case-sensitive.

Plan/ Pack Names Subscription SMS
Monthly 2GB  – $10 – get extra 2gb of data

Monthly 5 GB – $25 – get extra 5gb of data



Monthly Voice and SMS – $10
Call 100 minutes and send 100 SMS
“addTalknText100” or “addTalkandText100”
Weekly 250 MB – $4 – get extra 250mb of data

Weekly 500 MB – $6 – get 500mb of data

Weekly 1 GB – $10 – get 1gb of data




Weekly Voice and SMS – $5
Call 50 minutes and send 50 SMS
“addTalknText50” or “addTalkandText50”

How long does the UniSIM card last for?

It’s valid for 1 whole year from the day you register.

What happens to the UniSIM card after 1 year?

Well, the best part is if you’re still a student the next following year you can renew your Uni Plan, which automatically extends the validity of your UniSIM for another year – otherwise the line will self-expire.

What happens to my Uni Plan after I graduate?

Your Uni Plan can be upgraded to either a Postpaid or Prepaid Plan depending on what your needs are (which means you can keep your number). In other words your Uni Plan won’t be valid anymore but you can always upgrade to another Plan by visiting any of our Progresif stores where our happy sales team are waiting to help you.