As we join the rest of the world in transitioning to a smart nation, the country will be phasing out 2G services by 1 June 2021.

With our Refer A Friend campaign, all you need to do refer us a friend, family member, or even a relative! We’ll provide them with a FREE Prepaid Starter Pack, and in return you will earn 5GB of data add-on.

Take a look at our FAQs to find out how to refer a friend.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the 2G Refer a Friend Campaign?
Seeing that the country will be phasing out 2G networks soon, the 2G Refer A Friend Campaign is a way of rewarding you for introducing your friends and family to Progresif.
What do I get when I Refer A Friend?
You will be rewarded with 5GB of data upon the successful registration of your referee.
Does my Referee receive anything when I refer him/her?
When you Refer A Friend, they will get a $10 Prepaid Starter Pack with pre-loaded Top-Up for FREE! They will also receive free merchandise from Progresif.
Who can I refer?
You may refer anyone who is still on a 2G network, even though they are currently subscribed to another service provider.
I am not an existing Progresif customer, can I Refer A Friend?
Unfortunately, you can only Refer A Friend if you are an existing Progresif customer.
How do I refer?
You can reach out to us via WhatsApp at 817 0177 with you and your Referee’s name and phone number. Our Progresif representatives will then arrange a day, time and venue of your (or your referee’s) convenience to deliver your Referee’s free SIM card.

Additionally, you may also drop by your nearest Progresif store with your Referree and our Progresif representatives will assist you.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
There is no limit. You can refer as many people as you want, and with each referee, you will still receive 5GB of data.
When will I receive my reward?
You are entitled to your reward upon the successful registration of your referee.
What happens if my Referee has credit balance from his/her existing service provider?
Unfortunately, the Referree will not be reimbursed for his/her remaining credit balance.

Additionally, postpaid customers will need to ensure that they do not have pending bills with their previous service provider before switching to Progresif.

I require further assistance. Who can I contact?
For more information, you can reach out to us via WhatsApp at 817 0177, call us at 177, send a direct message on our social media platforms or visit your nearest Progresif store.
Bahasa Melayu
Apakah kempen Refer a Friend 2G?
Kempen Refer a Friend 2G adalah satu cara untuk memberi kelebihan kepada awda apabila memperkenalkan rakan atau keluarga awda kepada Progresif dimana Rangkaian 2G tidak lama lagi akan di tiadakan di negara ini.
Apa yang akan saya dapatkan apabila saya memperkenalkan Refer a Friend?
Awda akan mendapatkan data 5GB bagi setiap pendaftaran.
Adakah rakan atau keluarga akan menerima apa-apa apabila saya memperkenalkan Refer A friend kepada mereka?
Mereka akan mendapatkan $10 Pek Permulaan Prabayar dengan Tambah Nilai secara PERCUMA dan akan menerima barangan percuma daripada Progresif.
Kepada siapakah saya boleh memperkenalkan kempen Refer a Friend 2G ini?
Awda boleh memperkenalkan kepada sesiapa saja yang masih berada dalam rangkaian 2G, walaupun mereka kini melanggan ke pembekal perkhidmatan yang lain.
Saya bukan pengguna Progresif, bolehkah saya memperkenalkan Refer A Friend?
Tidak, hanya pengguna Progresif yang sedia ada boleh memperkenalkan Refer A Friend.
Bagaimankah caranya saya boleh memperkenalkan Refer A Friend ?
Awda boleh menghubungi kami melalui WhatsApp di 817 0177 dan berikan nama dan nombor telefon rakan atau keluarga yang awda perkenalkan. Wakil Progresif kami akan menjadualkan hari, masa dan tempat awda (rakan atau keluarga) untuk menghantarkan kad SIM percuma.

Awda juga boleh mengunjungi kedai Progresif yang berdekatan dan wakil Progresif kami akan membantu awda.

Adakah terdapat had kepada berapa ramai orang yang boleh saya perkenalkan?
Tiada had yang dikenakan. Awda boleh memperkenalkan Refer A Friend seberapa ramai orang yang awda mahu, dan bagi setiap pendaftaran, awda akan menerima data sebanyak 5GB.
Bilakah saya akan menerima data 5GB saya?
Awda akan mendapatkan data 5GB apabila awda berjaya mendaftarkan rakan atau keluarga ke Refer A Friend.
Apakah yang akan berlaku jika rakan atau keluarga yang saya perkenalkan ke Refer A Friend mempunyai baki kredit daripada pembekal perkhidmatan yang sedia ada?
Mereka tidak akan dibayar balik untuk baki kredit yang tinggal.

Bagi pelanggan pasca bayar, mereka perlu memastikan bahawa mereka tidak mempunyai bil yang tertunggak dengan pembekal perkhidmatan mereka sebelum beralih kepada Progresif.

Saya memerlukan bantuan lebih lanjut. Siapakah yang boleh saya hubungi?
Awda bolehlah menghantar pesanan Whatsapp ke 8170177, pesanan DM di Media Sosial Progresif, menghubungi 177 atau mengunjungi mana-mana cawangan Progresif yang berdekatan.