5G Customer Experience Trial (“5G Trial”) Terms and Conditions

  1. By confirming your participation in the 5G Trial, you agree to these terms and conditions, which are subject to change at our discretion for the duration of this trial.

  3. By participating in the 5G Trial, you are eligible to use 20GB of data for each month of the 5G Trial Period (“Free Data”). This Free Data is in addition to the data provided in your base plan.

  5. You agree that submitting the feedback for 5G Trial to UNN is mandatory and is a key component of participating in the 5G Trial, which entails the following:
    • Feedback is to be provided on a weekly basis via UNN’s Feedback Application Form;
    • Running the Ookla speed test app at least 3 times a week at different locations and time range;
    • To key in the required fields for the speed test results on UNN’s Feedback Application form;
    • To complete the questionnaires within UNN’s Feedback Application form.


  6. You shall select 5G network connectivity as the preferred network in their device throughout the duration of the 5G Trial.

  8. You may be removed or be disqualified from the 5G Trial should you:
    • Not submit regular feedback to UNN or not filling any minimum required fields in UNN’s Feedback Application form; or
    • Not be connected to the 5G network for any substantial period during the trial period for any reason whatsoever; or
    • Not consume 5G data traffic for seven (7) consecutive days in a calendar month during the trial period; or
    • Port to another mobile service provider during the trial period; or
    • Change your MORE plan to another Progresif mobile plan; or
    • f. Request to be removed from the 5G Trial.


  9. Upon removal from the 5G trial, you shall no longer be able to use the Free Data for the purposes of the 5G Trial and shall resume using data from your normal mobile plan.

  11. The 5G Trial will be carried out for a period of time which will be decided by Progresif. Users will be informed when the 5G Trial will end and the Free Data will only be eligible for use on a pro-rata basis up until the last day of the 5G Trial. Should a user be removed from the 5G Trial, the Free Data will only be eligible for use on a pro-rata basis up until the user’s last day on the trial.

  13. The terms and conditions of your mobile plan shall continue to apply during the 5G Trial.