In our last issue we took a look at how the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) will transform the world around us, through smart cities, transport and agriculture, with the use of connected devices monitoring our environment and helping us in all manner of ways.
There’s also another revolution taking place in personal healthcare, where the latest innovations will redefine our traditional patient-doctor relationship in the years ahead. With personal fitness trackers and smart watches being the mainstream, now health services and tech companies are pioneering remote monitoring and medical assistance to help us all live happier, healthier lives.
Instead of queuing at the clinic for your check-up appointment, the latest gadgets will let you send information to your doctor from the comfort of your home – being connected, devices can send real-time results and analysis about your health, so medical professionals can be informed and monitor, diagnose and assist you, which is especially helpful for communities that are far away from civilisation.

latest innovations will redefine our traditional patient-doctor relationship

For example, there are a number of solutions available to help with diabetes, like the Dario Smart Meter, which lets users accurately measure and record their condition over time – hooked up to an app on their smart phone, IoT smart meters can get readings immediately, build a history of the results and alert any problem to professionals to provide a lifeline in an emergency.
[related] With recorded information, both the patient and doctor can be better informed to the effects of long-term conditions, empowering both to quickly solve any immediate health problems, should anything happen. Ultimately the hospital will send the ambulance before you need to call – yep, the future could get smarter. Likewise for parents worrying about their new-born, new IoT devices like the Owlet Baby Monitor give mums and dads real-time info on their babies’ breathing, body temperature, activity level and whether they’re asleep.
Of course these are just a couple of examples of the inventions to come as IoT is continuously growing and as these technologies become more commonplace, we will all benefit from being informed about our own and our loved one’s health, combined with immediate professional care being on hand, on a real-time basis.
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