For many Muslims,the act of fasting isn’t purely a physical test; it’s primarily a time for spiritual reflection and reconnection. Muslims do not necessarily retreat from their daily routine.
In fact, it is about continuing daily routines in life during the period of the fast. This practice requires endurance which, in turn, brings out the qualities of patience and understanding in the person.
As part of our commitment to support the local arts industry, we collaborated with local production house Origin Artistic Management to give a glimpse of what Ramadhan looks like in real life.
Many Muslims can relate to the challenges, benefits and the fulfilling sense of spiritual achievement following one month of fasting.
The short film tells a story of what Ramadhan looks like for those away from home and their loved ones; something which is experienced by many in the foreign worker community.
As challenging as the distance can be, it doesn’t do much to dampen the festive Eid al-Fitr or Aidilfitri celebrations.
In Brunei, there is no doubt that the festive season brings people from all cultural and religious backgrounds together with their Muslim friends in a display of unity, diversity, tolerance and forgiveness.
We hope that you enjoy the short film as much as we enjoyed creating it. Be sure to check out our Instagram page @progresif_cellular and our YouTube page by searching for ‘Progresif Cellular’.

We would like to wish you ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’!