It Starts Here is about Azizi Sabri and his journey as a rapper in Brunei

Local rapper Azizi Sabri captures our attention in his latest album ‘It Starts Here’, a work of music that combines his life story and musical journey into a series of songs. The album was launched at Progresif Headquarters on October 13, 2018.
In the album, he expresses his desire to become a successful rapper. As for his current successes, he attributes it to a close collaboration with manager and friend Muhammad H Bakar.

“I was dealing with some emotions and decided to expand my thoughts and life experiences on paper,” he said.
Of course, everything that Azizi Sabri has achieved did not come easy. Every musician in Brunei faces doubts about their future and questions about their path but Azizi said that it shouldn’t be a reason to stop creating music.

“You always get that whole doubt thing where people just question why you’re doing this and why you’re sacrificing a lot of things just to do this (music)…but I wanted to prove to them that I can do this.”

The album also features collaboration with local artists such as Wacko Genius and his former Micbandits bandmate Zed Peace – to name a few.
Even after 10 years of recognition in the industry, Azizi remains focused on getting better. He advises other future musicians and rappers to keep working on their craft.
“Here’s the thing about (simply) just doing it. You have nothing to lose. You have much more to gain if anything,” he said.

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