We all know that fostering the children of today with positive direction is a valuable thing, because as the next generation they’ll grow to become the leaders of tomorrow. Progresif shares the same mindset just like BIBD with their ALAF (Advocating Life-Long Learning For An Aspiring Future) programme, which is their core CSR project that has created opportunities for underprivileged and orphaned students by taking care of their educational needs until they graduate.
Earlier in February, 14 students under the ALAF programme were recognised to have done remarkably well in their Primary School Assessment (PSR) exams last year. And as a positive end result, they’ll be continuing their studies at Jerudong International School starting in the middle of the year under the ‘Biasiswa ALAF Scholar’ programme.
The success of this programme and its evaluations, are all thanks to the cooperation between BIBD, the students, teachers, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs and non-government agencies. It’s been such an accomplishment with another 120 students being picked for the programme this year all due to their own hard work.
We’ve also worked together with BIBD through events and SMS campaigns, by contributing funds in hopes to further support the students’ future education. Progresif has been a true follower and supporter of the ALAF programme and its initiatives because the big idea behind it is in line with our own CSR strategy for education.
Wanna learn more about ALAF or make your own donation to help a student?
Log on to www.bibdalaf.com