The greatest challenge of our time is climate change and there’s no denying the fact that as global citizens we have a responsibility to take care of the Earth. And the first step to caring is generating awareness through channels that will reach the most ears and have the best impact.
We supported the 13th Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) in March because we believe that the annual event is an important platform that raises awareness on issues surrounding urban development and sustainability.

The environment is a fragile ecosystem. If you raised the global temperature by just a few degrees it would result in melting icecaps, rising sea levels and more violent storms.

This year’s BGIC carried the theme of ‘Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns’.
The theme originates from the UN Millennium Development Goals as well as the newly launched United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the latter of which includes 17 goals to transform the world by a target date of 2030.
The sessions at BGIC simulate UN style discussions where students from host school International School Brunei (ISB) along with other schools in Borneo debate and propose resolutions to tackle some of these issues.
During these discussions, different students from various schools play the role of appointed representatives from several countries They would also merge their resolutions with delegates and lobby with representatives from other ‘countries’ to come up with the best solutions.


Students participating in the 2017 Borneo Global Issues Conference

The BGIC is also a perfect way for students to hone their public speaking skills and foster their self-confidence while expanding their understanding on global citizenship.
We’re proud to be supporters of the BGIC for the second year. The event falls neatly in line with two of our four pillars for corporate social responsibility (CSR) which are education and environment.
A good education is the foundation for securing the future of a nation while allowing Bruneians to make contributions at the highest level. At the same time, we believe that sustainability and progress hand in hand which is why we have committed to policies and practices that ensure proper conservation of the natural environment.

To find out more about ISB, visit their website here or follow them on Instagram @isb_brunei. For more information on the UN’s 17 goals click here.