In the last issue of our magazine (June – September 2019), we published an article about Brunei’s oral tradition, seeking to identify some of the most well known local folktales and find out what was being done to preserve these cultural artefacts.
Our investigation lead us to the National History Centre where interviewed Nasrul Hadi Haji Morni, one of the information officers who was able to guide us on our quest for folklore. Nasrul spoke at length about Brunei’s rich history and the some of the favourite local legends that were passed on through the generations. The three favourites were The Legend of Jong Batu, Makhota Yang Hilang, and The Legend of Lumut Lunting.

To do our bit to help sustain Brunei’s oral tradition and keep these stories going, we commissioned two highly talented local animators to begin work on bringing these stories to life through animation. They have so far begin to character development and storyboarding on The Legend of Lumut Lunting, and we are loving the results so far! Watch this space for updates on this exciting and important production.