Times are changing and with it – technology. Today, things like digital archiving and digital libraries have revolutionized how knowledge is being accessed, studied and passed on. The endless rows of shelves safely keeping centuries-old books now might seem like it was only a dream from our childhood. But it’s not to say that traditional libraries are gone – just getting a facelift with open spaces and discussion rooms equipped with Wi-Fi.
[related]The digital age, acting as a catalyst of change has transformed the role of libraries for the better. Technology has made the place where we can source information much easier and faster to use all thanks to librarians who teach people like readers, researchers, students and educators how to use online tools.
Nowadays, you can just press a button and information is easily available thanks to the Internet. The question is have traditional libraries lost their purpose? Well, change is inevitable – so the best solution would be to positively adapt to the challenges we might face with a digital environment. And that’s exactly what The Brunei Library Associations understood by organizing a 4-day conference on Libraries Transform: Unlocking Your Potential as Librarians.
The whole purpose of the conference is to highlight the role of librarians and to teach them to adjust and realign themselves in the digital world by understanding how people use information and also to develop services to cater to the wants and needs of millennials.