I’ve always been a firm believer in the approach that discussions are of better use when it comes to tackling certain issues instead of debating until it goes nowhere, Delwin first got involved in the social media scene with a Twitter account in 2009 called BruneiTweet. That then evolved into his first blog, ProjekBrunei.com, a space where he interviews different people from different backgrounds as a way to give a snippet into the lives of Bruneians. For him, social media is both a form of communication and a way to stay connected – it is also a tool, which depending on how it is being used, could be representative of a country and its people. He took a break from blogging on ProjekBrunei due to the desire to genuinely know people on a closer level but has since jumped back in to open the 2016 New Year. As for BruneiTweet, Delwin is also still active and continues to try and drive discussions that add value to society.

“Social media has always been a way to stay connected but the bigger point is that the world is talking about Brunei and if no one is part of that conversation, the country is not represented in a right way,”