Where In The World Are You (and what are you doing there!):

Perth, Australia. Working on my womenswear label and tapping into the Australian market.

Imagination is…. a way of motivating yourself to start working on an idea.

How do you define being ‘creative’?

It’s about being resourceful with what you have and producing something unique out of it.

What drives your creative process and where does the inspiration for new ideas happen for you usually?

My creative process is rather spontaneous – it comes when I least expect it to; a few weeks ago I was just strolling by the beach and I started observing in detail the texture of the sand and seashells, the different hues in the sea and came up with various concepts as starting points for research based on these visual elements alone for a future collection. Usually whenever I have a burst of ideas such as mentioned, I’ll take images of it and note it down and keep it in my ‘ideas’ journal which I refer to whenever I start on a new collection.


Maricel Pamintuan working on one of her latest design.

Who’s inspiring you big time right now in the local fashion industry?

Nabeela Fadzil, IG: @lipstickmyname and Fina Muhamad, IG: @weekendfrocks – it’s inspiring to see how big of an influence they have on Brunei’s fashion market and their potential in bringing about a growth in Brunei’s budding fashion industry.What is the biggest influence Brunei has had on your collections? Growing up in Brunei’s nature-filled environment has strongly formed the basis of my design aesthetics in terms of tranquil elements such as through colour and texture.