Progresif Cellular has announced Cultivate Bistro, a new local café, as the first business to set up at its branch Progresif Headquarters in Gadong.
Cultivate is not just any regular café. As a local food business, Cultivate seeks to help other micro, small and medium food companies discover their own potential and explore possibilities for business within the confines of a cultural and community hub that is Progresif headquarters.
At the same time, Cultivate will run a full fledged kitchen with an enticing menu, serving both local and western cuisine.
Afizah Sim, manager of Cultivate Bistro, stated “At Cultivate, we seek to bring a dining experience to customers that wish to enjoy comfort food in a relaxed environment.”
“At the same time, we want to provide a platform for home based food businesses by giving them an opportunity to use Cultivate as a space for a few months to give them a glimpse of what it’s like to run a food and beverage establishment.”

“By doing so, they can explore and learn about the many ways they could get their own businesses to grow out of their homes.”
“If these businesses feel ready to establish their own branch, they would be better equipped with real world knowledge having gone through the experimental period. Otherwise, they could also return and use our infrastructure if they need to build more exposure,” she said.

Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that Cultivate’s presence at Progresif HQ will reinforce the company’s commitment to support the development of local entrepreneurship.
“We’re pleased to have Cultivate establish their branch at the Progresif HQ. We look forward to seeing them in action as they work on helping small local businesses develop further. Cultivate’s presence at headquarters is aligned with our objectives for the headquarters; to become a cultural and entrepreneurial hub for the local community,” he said.
As an added feature to the business, patrons of Cultivate will get the chance to see live broadcast sessions brought by the talented DJs on Progresif Radio.
Progresif headquarters seeks to become a central hub for all local cultural and entrepreneurial activities.
The support for creative talents and local entrepreneurs will ultimately help stimulate the creative scene which can become an engine of growth for the local economy.