At Progresif, we believe that strong relationships with customers set the stage for customer loyalty. To do that, we are constantly asking ourselves critical questions: How are we delivering a Progresif experience to our customers? How do we communicate our brand? And, how can we deliberately continue to exceed your expectations?
We’re on a mission to bring to you all the possibilities and joys of a connected, inspired and progressive life. You can expect not only enhanced products and services from us, but also better ways of communicating through us, improved channels to connect and unmatched experiences that will give you better value for money. To deliver on this promise, we are gearing up our efforts to get to know you better so that we can improve on our services and keep in touch with your evolving wants and needs.
We are continuously finding ways to help our customers enjoy a seamless and progressive communication experience, and this is what our upcoming Customer Care App will deliver.

We are on a mission to bring to our customers all the possibilities and joys of a connected, inspired and progressive life

Imagine if you could buy call credit, perform credit transfers, purchase data packs and add-ons right from your smartphone. And it’s as easy as downloading the Customer Care App and then registering for the service.
With this innovative channel, we’re giving our customers what we’ve always set out to give: The Freedom to do More. That means more time doing the things that you love.
Of course, that’s not all. You can expect to hear more from us as we continue to work hard to bring you innovative products and services. Stay tuned for the latest developments and a big ‘Thank You’ for your support!