Progresif Cellular announced today its latest initiative to support the growth of innovation through their Startup Lab as part of the commitment to support entrepreneurship which is one of the company’s pillars for corporate social responsibility.
Startups play an important role in shaping an economy because of their ability to innovate new products. By having the Startup Lab, Progresif is creating an environment that gives new companies the chance to grow and thrive in a highly competitive business environment.
Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that the establishment of the Startup Lab is another example of the company making strides in supporting the growth of local innovation.
“The investment into creating the Progresif Startup Lab reflects our outlook on innovation. By looking at future possibilities, we can bring ourselves closer to it and reap the benefits of the results,” he said.
The Progresif Startup Lab is located at the company’s new headquarters in Gadong and is designed to accommodate multiple startup businesses that will gain full access to support services that are essential for their business.
Radi El Fassed, Head of Product and Business Development, said that Progresif has been deeply involved in startup initiatives since 2015.

“We have provided training for the Brunei ICT Awards (BICTA), Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) Startup Bootcamp and the IGNITE Entrepreneurship Challenge. The Progresif Startup Lab is the next logical step and enables startups to take full advantage of everything Progresif has to offer in areas like marketing, finance, legal and network services.”

Progresif would like to welcome local startup Dart Logistics Sdn Bhd as the first company to join the Startup Lab. Dart Logistics will be introducing its DART app which is the first ride booking service in Brunei.
Zul’Amali DP H Idris, founder of Dart Logistics, said the support provided under the Progresif Startup Lab will help improve the business foundation of the company.
“We are excited to be part of this new development with Progresif and look forward to working closely with them in growing our business.”
“As Brunei’s first ride booking service, Dart Logistics aims to become the most trusted transport option. We believe that the DART app has the potential to create more jobs for locals, boost earnings of taxi drivers and improve passenger experience at the same time.”
“One of our main objectives is to partner with local taxis with the DART app which will give taxi operators access to passengers demands throughout the day and night, while still utilising the metered fares. Ultimately, we want to improve the variety of choices for transportation in Brunei,” he said, adding that that service is expected to be ready in the coming weeks.
Registrations to become part of Progresif Startup Lab are now open. If you’re interested to become part of the Startup Lab visit