Turning his passion for woodwork into a business that produces Brunei made furniture

When we visited Md Abdul Hafiz Mahmus at his DIY Retro Furniture workshop — built as an extension of his family house — one particular thing stood out about him. Quiet stubbornness.

Since starting the business in 2014 after graduating from a diploma in religious studies, Hafiz has turned DIY Retro has turned itself into a household name for Brunei made furniture – a growth accompanied by a strong following.

But that doesn’t mean life is always easy.

This young man decided to get into the woodworking business after finding himself being drawn to construction activities some years ago when contractors were renovating the house.

“I was just initially curious, but it soon became apparent that I just wanted to do something with my bare hands.”

His desire to learn woodworking was such that he was willing to take on tasks without pay. As it turns out, this bold move would pay off in the form of his own business.

If anything is certain, then its surely Hafiz’s deep resolve and desire for success. And we’re grateful to have the opportunity to meet with him.