Got a website which needs building or mobile app in need of a design? Meet Dotroot Technologies, a local (9-man) startup company that dedicates its resources into finding solutions for any clients’ needs.
The two-year-old startup with more than 15 clients under their belt, aims to boost the Bruneian experience of the web and mobile space and how they’re being used – all with the drive of changing the way people use technology.
This kind of thinking can bring us to the next level, raising our standard of use and understanding of technology to even the playing field with the rest of the world – that’s just what Dotroot does to help Brunei move into the next generation.

  • Ministry of Development
  • Ministry of Health
  • ITB
  • UBD
  • Progresif
  • AMBD
  • EGNC
  • BEDB
  • Fotovent
  • EventLoop
  • FoodFuel/FiiD
  • Moment 3D Printer
  • Consumer fair 2015
  • TECH EXPO 2015
  • Majlis Ilmu 2014
  • BEDB Open Day 2014
  • ITB Convo 2014
  • ITB Library Launching 2014