Wiju Ft Meez Feeq – Kau Bilang

Motivated by heartbreak, Wiju collaborated with rapper Meez Feeq three years ago, writing ‘Kau Bilang’ over a hip-hop trap beat. He revisited the track earlier this year and revamped it to feature a trap-esque electronic beat instead, but its story of hurt and betrayal remains unchanged.

Bass Howlers Ft. Shasha – Ascend (Wait For You)

Don’t stress, go with the flow.

‘Ascend (Wait For You)’ began as a not-for-release experimentation by Pierre and Riplay a.k.a. Bass Howlers that changed once the duo realised the song – influence

d by Avicii, Dubvision and Porter Robinson – was too good to go unpublished.

L1fe Support – Sunset Autopsy

Hone your skills by remaking songs.

Falling under the synthwave sub-genre, ‘Sunset Autopsy’ is reminiscent of the sci-fi sounds of the 80s. Influenced by the works of producers Robert Parker, Wice, and Jordan F, L1FESUPPORT explains that the song’s “unique tom sound and panning effect give its prominent 80s sound”.

Khairoy & nsKO – Look At Da Drop

No shortcuts, only hard work

Who would’ve thought an EDM song might be inspired by the mundaneness of daily routines? In ‘Look At Da Drop’, Khairoy and nskO structure the song according to the ever-changing emotions and vibes they experience from day to day.

Nabil Iskandar x Tiwin Aji – Insanity

Focus on your craft. Practice makes perfect.

Influenced by the deep house music he was listening to at the time, Nabil ended up creating ‘Insanity’, a track that is both minimal and catchy. He credits the song’s catchiness to Tiwin’s vocals, which, together with the track’s chill vibe, make for a lethal energy combo.

A12 Sounds – Wanaho!

Be open. Be original.

A12SOUNDS describes ‘Wanaho!’ as “colourful and fun”, and between the singing, the drop-beats, and the beat switch, it’s hard to argue otherwise. He credits the way that sound can take you on such different journeys for putting him on the path to EDM.

Ziller Ft. Sam Siren – Stargazer

If you love what you do, keep doing it and keep learning every day.

Pushing the limits of EDM with its unconventional pop-dance twist, Ziller’s ‘Stargazer’ also brings in an unlikely collaborator: Sam Siren of metal band Senjakala fame. By infusing a myriad of inspiration, from 80s-style retro synthwave to 70s/90s rock to current EDM and pop, Ziller comes out with a sound that’s distinctly his.

Qwamii – Afrerglow

Like its name, ‘Afterglow’ evokes a sense of being uplifted while being cocooned in warm dreams. Relaying his love for the sounds of dreamy strings and drawing inspiration from The Chainsmokers and Illenium, Qwamii has produced a sound that creates light glow vibes.

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