Enjoy an internet connection dedicated
to your business location

Fully dedicated bandwidth that is not shared and the speed does not vary. An internet connection that is dedicated to a specific location or business. Ideal for uninterrupted internet access and cloud services.


Customizable Network Design

Working with you to craft a network
topology that suits your requirements

Share Network Across Multiple Branches

Extensive coverage across all your
branches to provide fast and consistent
download speeds across your operations

Speed Up To 10Gbps

Dedicated lines to ensure fast,
consistent upload & download speeds
for data, voice & video

Comprehensive Network Performance Reporting

All the big data feedback to provide you
all the information to make the best
decisions for your network needs

Guaranteed 24/7 Bandwidth via Dedicated Point-to-Point Lines

Technical helpdesk and 24/7 fault
logging facilities dedicated to keeping
your operations running smooth

Multiple Point of Escalation & Request

Dedicated support through Enterprise
Relationship Manager & our Enterprise
Experience Centre


Reliable Connectivity

Instant access to real-time information,
cloud SaaS and bandwidth-intensive
applications such as VoIP and video

24/6 Proactive Monitoring

Be notified of network issues.
Troubleshooting starts even before
fault is reported

Worldwide Coverage

Extensive global network with
direct connections to major IP
networks, Tier 1 providers and
key content providers

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