PTT stands for Push-To-Talk and it is a solution that is similar to ‘Walkie Talkies’ that businesses and consumers can use to communicate and monitor between devices.

No hidden charges

Technical support, warranty & maintenance

No upfront charges and no activation fee

Inclusive of all Push-To-Talk functions

Push-To-Talk has specific hardware and software that allows the Push-To-Talk devices to communicate with each other either individually or in groups. Additionally, the software allows full tracking of all Push-To-Talk devices with the use of GPS including tracing routes, checking current location, and historic tracking.

Push-To-Talk Dispatch Function Features

View Location

View Location of all users


Alarm to users outside of pre-set range


Pop out an SMS message that users can click to see their location


Monitor multiple groups

History Tracking

Tracking of the last three months

Circle Call

Dynamic Call on the map page


Stop users from logging in


Track location of the users

Push-To-Talk, a rugged two way radio, is our best seller favored by many users. With a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data, the smart two way radio delivers comprehensive connectivity to your organization.

Superior functions and ID are well proven by both the laboratory and the market.

The rugged two way radio carries with strong waterproof and dust-proof functions.

Push-To-Talk Device Features

Ergonomic Design

Enable convenient one-hand operation

Crystal Clear Audio

With 2.0W power, the radio
always picks up the right voice
from noisy background

Long Battery Life

Up to 4200m
High Capacity Battery

Seamless Connectivity

Bluetooth and WiFi

Reliable & Durable

Drop and impact resistant
up to 1.5m drops

Multiple Location Service