Prepaid Pack


Good news – now you can add-on 7 Days of Unlimited Facebook for just 5 dollars on any Prepaid line.

And the best part is, you can sign up each week.

Here’s How You Can Sign Up:

Pack Text to 39123
Unlimited Facebook for 7 days addFBPack


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone on a Progresif Prepaid line (including all Unlimited, Broadband, Visitor and Uni Plan customers).
Simply text “AddFBPack” to 39123 from February 6th 2018 till forever.
*Not including Yes Zoom

You’ll be rewarded with 7 Days of Unlimited Facebook, which you can use on either the Facebook app or your mobile web browser.
*Any application outside of Facebook will be chargeable

7 days from the day you get the Pack.
Example: If you subscribe on February 6th at 1PM then you’ll have access to Unlimited Facebook till February 13th midnight

Yep, you’ll be charged $5 and it’ll be deducted from your credit balance each time you subscribe.

You’ll get a text message from us letting you know that you’ve successfully signed up for Unlimited Facebook.

No – so if you’d like to continue using it for another 7 days simply sign up again.

Of course, simply sign up again once the pack expires after 7 days.

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