23rd February 2020 – Mindtrex Academy, developed by Mindtrex Academy Sdn Bhd a subsidiary of Mindplus Education is the first Brunei app to provide game-based e-learning solutions for primary students primarily catering to Year 4 students to Year 6. The mobile application comes with fun and interactive learning features, including gamification elements, a live leaderboard and redeemable rewards system.

Mindtrex Academy assists a child’s academic growth in knowledge core subjects with access to over 10,000 questions and answers. With the help of new data-driven and behaviour-shaping technologies, they believe not only that quality content will be delivered to the masses in a more efficient and personalized way, but technology can also be utilized to empower a child to self-learn, self-assess and master critical knowledge even with minimal adult supervision.

Mindtrex Academy applications have proven to be successful in helping primary school students, with a pilot test reporting that selected students from four schools in the country improved performance by 22%-131% in their examinations. The fun and interactive learning experience helps hold a child’s attention, and the contents are in accordance with Brunei Darussalam’s syllabus by the Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam.

Mindtrex has garnered over 900 registered users since its release last year in August and is currently increasing by the day as e-learning rises in prominence due to the pandemic. The Mindtrex Academy full version was launched today on 22nd February, along with a data analytics feature for parents to track their child’s improvement, leaderboard and upcoming the reward system that rewards users with vouchers from various vendors in Brunei.

During today’s launching event, another historical moment was created between Mindtrex Academy Sdn Bhd and Progresif Sdn Bhd which was the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to signify the alliance of both company in going forward with advocating Education . In the MoU, it is stated that Mindtrex shall act as a partner of Progresif in the education sector. Both will promote and cross-sell each Party’s product and services.

(Source: MindTrex, Borneo Bulletin)