The beautiful thing about the ever growing street wear community is – anyone can be a part of it. From young graffiti artists, original clothing line entrepreneurs, skaters – to who knows, maybe even you (surprise us). And it’s all thanks to Rahmat Ubaidah Jamil’s passion for graffiti and his idea of bringing in street wear from L.A. (Los Angeles, U.S.A.) to grow the arts and culture scene, which he started back in 2008.

Lagenda Clothing

Over the past two years Kraytion Co. has already organized four Hangout events, with more than 5,000 youths being a part of the movement, which helped more than 40 young big thinkers and doers specifically in the street art scene and food industry all the while letting the entrepreneurs rub elbows with thousands of potential customers at the Hangout event.
Branded as the ‘Hangout’, it’s become somewhat of a trademark: “Hangout at” for all Hangout events just like last November, where the fifth installment, the Hangout 5 was called “Hangout at Taman Budiman”. The highlights were 2 very enthusiastic entrepreneurs and pioneers in their own right who made an appearance – Lagenda Clothing with 38.6k social media followers and STS with 14.7k followers. Their names are very much well known locally and internationally all thanks to their big consumer base who had also supported them in previous events, and they are still growing in numbers.
And because at Progresif, we are true believers in developing local talents and business owners, it’s more than natural to be a big supporter to inspirational individuals like these. The Hangout is indeed one of the many platforms where you too can showcase and promote yourself and be up front in the game.

Awang Simpsen