Local jewellery designer Azim Rosli, Creative Director of Haus Von Jimmy R, launched his own jewellery collection ‘Cypress’ in the banquet hall of our new HQ.
Haus Von Jimmy R brands itself as makers of avant-garde handmade jewellery. Azim said that his creative works are inspired by variations of local culture and arts.
The event also featured collections from other designers namely XOIA and Roz Yussof but that wasn’t all. There was some lively music entertainment by local artists which was soon followed by a dazzling display of ‘Cypress’ on local models.

his creative works are inspired by variations of local culture and arts

We support such initiatives because we consider Progresif HQ not just a space for ourselves but also a hub for the local community where people can come together and enjoy events and activities with each other.
Thanks to Azim and Haus Von Jimmy R for choosing our space to celebrate their memorable occasion!