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Head of Customer Relationship Management
September 5, 2018

Responsible for the overall management of Progresif’s Customer Relationship Management Department: A department that is dedicated to defining, delivering, monitoring and continuously improving Progresif’s intended outcomes towards the customer.

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for the overall CRM Strategy of Progresif and how it is translated into:
    • CRM AS A FUNCTION: CRM as a function with defined deliverables,
    • CRM AS A SYSTEM: CRM as an integrated technology eco- system
    • CRM AS A PROCESS: CRM as a set of end-to-end processes and
    • CRM AS AN ADVANTAGE: CRM cantered on analytics, insight and predictive propensity models.
  2. Responsible for managing three core functions:
    • The Customer Communications Function
    • The Customer Engagement Centre
    • The Customer Analytics Function
  3. Responsible for defining, developing and implementing engaging CRM Strategies across Progresif, for both the internal and the external customer.
  4. Responsible -working closely with the CMO and other executive team members- for activating an impactful CRM strategy in line with the company objectives and strategy
  5. Drive a customer centric culture, whilst elevating the agenda of CRM internally as:
    1. a unique selling point and
    2. a core strategy for growth and customer retention.
  6. Translate the above into CRM initiatives and projects that are aligned with Progresif’s Customer Segmentation Model (read: Segmented CRM Initiatives and Projects) and that are data-driven (based on analytics and/ or research) where possible. These initiatives will be strategic, tactical, technical or purely brand-driven in nature.
  7. Responsible for managing and driving Progresif’s growth through CRM by ensuring all revenue opportunities through CRM are maximized.
  8. Own ‘the customer” and as the owner, will act as the voice of the customer at all times. As such the Head of CRM will also drive the delivery of all relevant customer insights and customer analytics to the company.
  9. Manage all external agencies and vendors, ensuring briefs, expectations and timeframes are met when it comes to CRM- driven initiatives.
  10. CEC Strategy, Including CEC Strategic Value and Growth:
    • Understand the overall Corporate Strategy
    • Own the implementation of the overall CRM Strategy in alignment with the overall Corporate Strategy. This entails leading the implementation of a customer centric, data driven and creative CRM strategy to deepen customer engagement and drive long term customer life time value.
    • Decompose that CRM Strategy into outcome focused strategies, (i.e. Retention Strategy, Segmented Acquisition Strategy, etc.)
    • Own the implementation of these focused strategies by driving customer segmentation, targeting, and reporting to inform the development of CRM programs such as loyalty and royalty programs and rewards programs
    • Work cross functionally with BI (analytics, research), Product, Product Development, Branding, IT, Technology and Engineering, to define the key components (such as technology, messaging, strategy, and data models) needed for Progresif to meet growth targets.
    • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry and technological developments and market needs in Brunei by attending (international) seminars, conferences and workshops and transferring that knowledge internally.
  11. CEC Operations:
    • Develop and build a world class global CRM Function within Progresif that can scale as the company grows and enters new markets (e.g. Enterprise), including reinvent and adapt to changing demands and pressures as business objective change and become more aggressive.
    • Lead the development, operation and optimization of Progresif’s CRM capability, in order to:
      1. Grow Progresif’s ability to serve, support, retain, reward and win back its customer,
      2. Understand our customers
      3. Improve what we do for the customer and
      4. Drive commercial value derived from our customer relationships.
    • Develop an effective way to maintain constant visibility and transparency into the plans and progress of all functions and teams that make up the CRM Department
    • Drive analytics and reporting to identify opportunities and manage performance within the CRM Department
    • Coach and develop the management layer within the CRM Department to maintain high morale and drive business results: Line manage up to 3 colleagues, with team responsibility for more than 10 employees
    • Drive the CRM Development Roadmap:
    • Introduce new CRM channels for interacting and engaging with customers
    • New CRM tools to drive automation, scale and immediacy
    • Identify customer preferences and how customer data is used in CRM
  12. CEC Performance & Quality Reporting
    • Collating all reports produced by line managers and producing monthly management and progress reports.
    • Work closely with Progresif Business Intelligence team to deliver transparent tracking and reporting to demonstrate where budgets are being spent, how customers are responding behaviourally and attitudinally, and the (financial) performance of all CRM campaigns and initiatives.
    • Forecasting and analysing data against budget figures on a weekly and/or monthly basis.
  13. Staff Administration, Staff Coaching & Training
    • Training Needs Assessments
    • Training Procurement
    • Agreeing personal development plan with Line Managers
    • Performance Reviews and Assessments
    • Leave Approval


  • Qualification
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Marketing, IT Related Degree.
  • Expereince
    1. 7-10 years in CRM, Customer Experience Management, Strategic Planning, Call Center Management, Call Center and/or CRM Implementation
    2. 1. Preferably Team Leadership experience.
    3. Malay and English Speaker. Other languages beneficial
    4. Team Player with a Strong Customer Focus
    5. First Grade Customer Service Skills
    6. Excellent Verbal Communication
    7. Strong Problem Solving
    8. People Skills
    9. Experience in Managing Processes
    10. Emphasizing Excellence.

If you think you’re Progresif enough you’ll want to email your resume to: or drop it off at

Human Capital and Administration Division
Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd,
Unit 1-5, Block A & B, Spg 137-65, Kg Kiarong
Jalan Pasar Baharu Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan
BE 1318, Brunei Darussalam

No Later than 18th September 2018

Just to let you know, we get a whole lot of applicants. If we’re unable to contact you
That doesn’t mean that your not Progresif. You could always try again the next time
Around or even give us a call at 222 1010.


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