We all know we should eat more healthily, but so often a busy day means its easier to grab some chicken and rice, a quick plate of noodles, or tuck into some fried goodies to satisfy our hunger. There are all those tasty sweet treats our colleagues bring into the office, far more tempting to snack on than just having a piece of fruit or a tub of grains. Many of us are put off by healthy food, which can so often be uninspiring and tasteless.
So it is good to know that the healthy eating movement has been growing here over the last few years and there are now a number of vendors championing nutritious food that tastes great, from online food companies, restaurants and shops now stocking an increasing amount of healthy ingredients.
Amongst the many food vendors selling via Instagram, there’s Rajka’s Kitchen (pronounced ‘Raika’s) offering a healthy alternative for those of you with a sweet tooth. With a mantra that “healthy food does not have to be boring”, they serve up a delicious assortment of cakes, brownies and puddings – such as overnight oats and mango chia pudding, all made to be that much better for you without the carbs or processed sugar. Another established seller, Hip & Healthy, offers both savoury and dessert dishes, with a focus on organic and fresh ingredients. With dishes including organic prawn soba, Mediterranean chicken quinoa and raw matcha cake, they serve up a selection of tasty treats that are truly healthy. They also produce a range of cold-pressed juices to tickle your taste buds.
If you want to eat out, many more restaurants now offer healthier options, where you can ask for dishes with less salt or with more vegetables. For the total healthy experience, The Energy Kitchen in Kiulap serves up a menu of ‘real’ food, that is as nutritious and wholesome as possible.
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