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Home Unlimited
June 22, 2020

Introducing our Home Unlimited plan that fits your data needs. With these plans, you’ll get FREE $100 installation and a FREE fixed line on a 12-month contract with Progresif! Don’t miss this chance, sign up for this sweet deal, ends 30th November!

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Home Unlimited Promotion is an offer where customers can sign up to our Fibre Broadband Unlimited plans, available for a limited time only:

Base Home Plan – 20Mbps Price
500GB Unlimited $70
1000GB Unlimited $100


Base Home Plan – 100Mbps Price
2000GB Unlimited $200


The promotional plans data will be throttled to 1Mbps after exhaustion of data. Customers can continue surfing at no extra charges or purchase a Data Add-On that carries over at the end of the month.

22nd June 2020 until 30th November 2020

The Home Unlimited Promotion comes with 2 speeds, and has 3 base plans:

Base Home Plan – 20Mbps Price
500GB $70
1000GB $100


Base Home Plan – 100Mbps Price
2000GB $200


After the Base Plan data has been used up, customers can add Data Upgrade by texting “Upgrade” to 39110 to get 100GB for $10 charged to their bill.

Yes, you get an optional FREE fixed line when you sign up to any Home Unlimited Promotion plan.

The Home Unlimited promotion period is until 30th November 2020.

The $100 Fibre Installation fee will be waived by Progresif for all new and port-in registrations during this campaign period. Any additional charge is subjected between the contractor assigned by UNN and the customer depending on the infrastructure of the location of the installation.

Yes, there is a 12-month contract for customers that subscribe to this limited time promotion.

You can sign up register online here or by visiting any Progresif Store.

You will need to pay one month’s rental upfront.

You can upgrade your data at any time in the month and it will be charged to your bill. To upgrade, send a text from the mobile number registered to your One Home Broadband:

 Name of Upgrade Text to 39110 Price
Upgrade 100GB Upgrade $10

It is the mobile number that you will use to Upgrade more data. The mobile number does not need to be a Progresif mobile number. Please ensure you give the correct mobile number during signup and that you use this line/ number to Upgrade your broadband Data.

Yes you can, but at managed speeds of 1Mbps. To continue at the speed you subscribed for before the month refreshes, subscribe to a Data Upgrade.

Yes, you can port in and keep your existing fixed line number when you sign up to Progresif’s Home Unlimited with the optional free fixed voice line.

Yes, you can convert your existing plan to the Home Unlimited Plan using the Progresif website or by visiting any Progresif Store.

Unfortunately, we are not able to port copper broadband connection at this point. Subject to fibre availability, we will let you know when this option is available.

Yes, you will receive the following SMS notifications to the mobile number registered to your One Home Broadband:

80% of data usage
100% of data usage

You can check their data usage on the Progresif Care app. All you need to do is register for an account or you can Visit to Progresif Website.

You can visit Progresif website here, all you need to do is enter your account number and One Home fixed line number.

Customer must present valid original identity card at time of application and will be required to produce a valid photo-ID and proof address documentation

You will have to pay off the remaining rental fees based on the number of months left on your contract.

You still can continue the Plan at the promotional rates, contract-free.

We have gone paperless and offer eBill to our customers which can be viewed on our Progresif Care app or sent directly to your email inbox.

You may reach out to us on social media, call us at 177 or visit any Progresif store near you.

Bahasa Melayu

Promosi Home Unlimited ini menawarkan pelanggan untuk mendaftar ke pelan unlimited Broadband kami, hanya tersedia buat sementara waktu sahaja.

Pelan Asas Home Broadband -20Mbps Price
500GB Unlimited $70
1000GB Unlimited $100


Pelan Asas Home Broadband – 100 Mbps Harga
2000GB Unlimited $200


Data bagi pelan promosi ini akan diterhadkan kepada 1Mbps setelah data habis digunakan. Pelanggan boleh terus melayari tanpa caj tambahan atau pembelian Data Add-On yang boleh diganjakkan pada bulan yang berikutnya.

22hb Jun 2020 sehingga 30hb November 2020.

Terdapat 2 kelajuan bagi Promosi Home Unlimited ini dan 3 pelan asas.

Pelan Asas Home Broadband – 20Mbps Harga
500GB $70
1000GB $100


Pelan Asas Home Broadband – 100Mbps Harga
2000GB $200


Setelah menghabiskan data Pelan Asas mereka, pelanggan boleh membeli Peningkatan Data dengan menaip “Upgrade” dan hantar ke 39110 untuk mendapatkan 100GB untuk $10 yang akan di caj di dalam bil mereka.

Ya, awda akan mendapat pilihan talian tetap PERCUMA jika awda mendaftar ke mana-mana Promosi Pelan Home Unlimited.

Caj pembayaran $100 bagi pemasangan Fibre akan di tiadakan bagi mana-mana pendaftaran baru atau beralih dari pembekal telekomunikasi lain semasa tempoh promosi ini.

Ya, ada kontrak 12 bulan untuk pelanggan yang mendaftar ke promosi masa terhad ini.

Awda boleh mendaftar sini atau dengan mengunjungi mana-mana cawangan Progresif.

Awda hendaklah membayar caj sewa sebulan semasa mendaftar.

Awda dapat meningkatkan data pada bila-bila masa dan ia akan dicaj pada bil awda. Untuk peningkatan data awda hendaklah menghantar teks dari nombor telepon yang berdaftar dengan pelan One Home Broadband tersebut.

Nama Peningkatan Teks to 39110 Harga
Upgrade 100GB Upgrade $10

Ya, awda boleh tetapi kelajuan internet awda akan diterhadkan kepada 1Mbps. Untuk meneruskan dengan kelajuan yang awda langgani sebelum bulan berikutnya, awda boleh memilih untuk Peningkatan Data.

Ya, awda boleh menukar nombor talian tetap awda apabila awda mendaftar ke Progresif Home Unlimited dengan pilihan talian tetap percuma.

Ya awda boleh menukar pelan awda sekarang ke pelan Home Unlimited melalui Laman Web Progresif atau dengan mengunjungi mana-mana cawangan Progresif.

Ya, awda akan menerima makluman melalui SMS ke nombor talian yang berdaftar kepada Broadband One Home awda:

80% penggunaan data
100% penggunaan data

Awda boleh menyemak penggunaan data awda di applikasi Progresif Care. Awda hanya perlu mendaftarkan akaun awda atau layari Laman Web Progresif.

Buat masa ini kami tidak dapat menukar jika sambungan itu adalah copper. Kami akan memaklumkan awda sekiranya pilihan Fibre sudah tersedia.

Awda boleh melayari Laman Web Progresif di sini, awda hanya perlu memasukkan nombor akaun dan nombor talian tetap One Home awda.

Pelanggan hendaklah menunjukkan kad pengenalan asal yang sah semasa pendaftaran dan awda akan diminta untuk menunjukkan dokumen pengenalan diri yang bergambar dan bukti alamat yang sah

Awda hendaklah membayar baki yuran penyewaan bedasarkan jumlah bulan yang tinggal dalam kontrak awda.

Awda masih boleh meneruskan pelan, tanpa kontrak.

Kami sudah melaksanakan bil tanpa kertas dan menawarkan e-Bil kepada pelanggan kami. Awda boleh menyemak bil awda di applikasi Progresif Care atau dihantar terus ke e-mel awda. Sekiranya awda telah berlanggan bersama kami dan belum mendaftar ke e-bil, awda boleh mendaftar dengan menghubungi 177, atau melalui laman web, applikasi Progresif Care atau mengunjungi mana-mana cawangan Progresif.

Awda boleh menghubungi kami melalui Media Sosial kami, hubungi 177 atau kunjungi mana-mana cawangan Progresif yang berdekatan.


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