The Hundred Beats festival began with a simple idea; to gather a group of people and play different percussion instruments together.  Initially, it started with 11 musicians who came from diverse musical backgrounds. Now, the festival is becoming a mainstay in the local music scene with an ability to draw a crowd and entertain all ages.

This year’s Hundred Beats festival took place at Jerudong Park where the performers and audience were greeted with some light rain. But that wasn’t going to stop the stage performances. Imagine three hours of performances that crisscrossed multiple genres of music from 30 performers.  Then add the sounds of the traditional gendang labik, the Arab darbuka and then pair that with some afrobeats, Brazillian samba and modern drum sets and percussion.


Kamal from KaMaLoKo Entertainment Group entertaining the crowd

In a nutshell, that was exactly what the Hundred Beats festival was and it was a memorable night for many of the festival goers. We’re happy to have sponsored that event for the second time as part of our ongoing commitment to support local music talents.

A job well done to the KaMaLoKo Entertainment Group and other musicians for putting the event together. We hope to see you all next time!

Do check out the KaMaLoKo Entertainment Group on Instagram to find out more information.