Entrepreneurship may be a word that gets thrown around a lot, but not many will immediately warm up to the idea of quitting their day jobs to run their own business and be their own boss.
The iCentre was one of the first springboards set up to promote the goal of getting more Bruneians to build their own startup company, despite the hardships some might think comes along with it. Set up by the Brunei Economic Development Board, the incubation centre was established to not only develop tech and innovation startups, but also to help contribute to building a startup ecosystem.
The centre believes that entrepreneurship must be fostered as early as possible in education. Now, even students are encouraged to join its annual ‘IGNITE Entrepreneurship Challenge’ where they are up against the best business ideas the country has to offer.
In addition, the iCentre provides training and mentoring through its INNOVATE Forum along with its INSPIRE and IMMERSE programmes so startups can build their knowledge and bridge skill gaps.
Startups also get the opportunity to break into international markets or get extra funding should they manage to pitch successfully to their investors.
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