Intermission: Local musicians connect with regional music producers in a two-day workshop

It was a weekend of music and learning at Intermission, the first event of its kind that aims to create opportunities for local music producers by connecting them with industry professionals from overseas.
Intermission is a collaborative event by The Creative Core BN (TCCBN) and the KL based Wired Music Week (WMW). The WMW was established in 2017 to connect music artists, talent managers and promoters in a single event.

The event, which took place at Progresif HQ on October 26-27, seeks to create opportunities for local music producers to network, be mentored by professionals and potentially get a chance to sign with a record label.

By participating in the workshops, part-time local music producers can find an outlet to channel their creativity and learn how to transform their “hobby” into a real product or service for the industry.

The event also invited guest facilitators: Nabil Iskandar (Brunei), Omid (Malaysia), Jenil (the Philippines), Sihk (Indonesia) and Spuds (Malaysia).
Intermission kicked off the first day with a live radio show hosted by local music producers Edmund Chin & Riff Samat, in conjunction with their 150th show on radio.
On the second day, WMW curated a music tech workshop which included lessons on studio flow, panel discussions, demolition panels and the sharing of tips from guest facilitators.
To close out the weekend, local producer Nabil Iskandar is releasing six new songs in collaboration with local artists, Tamimi, Zed Peace, Jude Selatan, Syasya Syahira, Syafiq Abdillah, Nadia Metassan and Farah Rahman.

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