When you think of mobile phones and services, the first thing that might pop into mind is: you can call, text and surf from just about anywhere. The funny thing is, the times are changing – and mobile devices are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives.
If you think about it, most people use their phones for all things social; like getting connected through calls, texts, email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram etc – while the rest of the world uses it to enhance lifestyle through productivity apps to help in either business, education or entertainment and anything else that comes to mind.
So let’s talk about what’s trending. Enter: wearable devices. Ah, the age of smart watches, we love them because it can extend whatever you can do on your smartphone onto your watch, giving you a more easily accessible device that you don’t have to hold in the palms of your hands. This serves as a plus in terms of let’s say sports, where athletes can technically go handsfree but at the same time still be able to use the technology, like track their body activity or even listen to music wirelessly.
And if you’re a parent, a smart watch is also useful for safety – it comes in pretty handy (no pun intended) to help keep track of where your kids are without the need of buying them a mobile phone. Simply strap a smart watch on them and you’re good to go, letting you know their whereabouts plus being able to take a call whenever they hit the call-mom-and-dad button for example.
Nowadays, you can even control lights through your smartphone, which can be used to switch your home on or off wherever you are (just for that extra peace of mind whether you’re away for a little or a long while). Not to mention smart thermostats, like those built by Nest, which uses sensors, real-time weather forecasts and actual activity in your home to reduce your monthly energy usage – which let’s you save money on utility bills.
Many other brands like Belkin, Panasonic and Samsung have introduced Smart Home solutions generally sold in a DIY kit too, that ranges from lighting to kitchen appliances. This sort of technology advancement can be used for just about anything, even entertainment, like wireless speakers, accessories for your car and even to the extent of pet care.

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