Progresif continued to play a leading role this week in their ongoing support of the local creative industry with Brunei’s first fashion workshop held in collaboration with Malaysian designer Jovian Mandagie.
The workshop took place at the Progresif Headquarters on Wednesday April 25th and attracted over 80 applicants from fashion and related industries including stylists, designers, photographers, makeup artists and models.
Attendees to the workshop were split into five teams, each comprising two photographers, two makeup artists and one stylist or designer.
The teams were evaluated by a panel of judges, which included local designers Lina Abdul and Humaira Zakaria, on their ability to create and execute their fashion concept, with scoring for photography, art direction and quality of work, amongst other criteria.
At the workshop, Jovian worked with teams to help push outside their comfort zones and were challenge themselves to deliver their best work under pressure.
After five hours of intense work, five participants; Siti Nazmah Hj Abd Samad, Norfairuzneezan Mohd Helmi, Dk Hjh Norazyatul Merna Pg Tajuddin, Nasrul Hadi and Benjamin Sanai, stood out as winners.
As a result, will get to spend a day working alongside Jovian in Kuala Lumpur, where they will learn the elements of what it takes to be a successful fashion entrepreneur.
Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said “The talent and passion inherent to the fashion industry around the world burns just as brightly in Brunei. The main goal of the workshop was to help local talent gain experience and coaching through access to Jovian, as a way of propelling their ambitions forward into viable businesses.”
“The workshop with Jovian reflects our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility where we strive to maximise benefit to the communities we serve through long term thinking rather than one-off activities.”
“We’d like to thank Jovian for hosting a successful workshop and imparting his wisdom and knowledge to the participants. We hope that the workshop will develop their skills and help them pave their own way in the fashion industry,” he said.
There will also be another talk by Jovian taking place at the Design & Technology Building on Monday, April 30. In that session, Jovian will be sharing his experience and entrepreneurial journey as a successful designer.