Legislative Council members learn more about the Progresif business in a working visit

The honourable members of the Legislative Council Meeting of Brunei or Majlis Mesyuarat Negara (MMN), recently conducted a working visit to the Progresif Cellular Headquarters in Bandar Seri Begawan.
The working visit provides opportunities for council members to learn more about the Progresif business and its role in developing Brunei’s telecoms sectors.
The group also learned about issues relating to the supply of telecommunications services in Brunei, giving them more clarity and insight ahead of their muzakarah (discussion) sessions with the Ministry of Communications at the end of November 2018.
In the tour, council members were introduced to Progresif Radio, a new innovation in the local radio and music industry that combines direct streaming and content on demand in a new mobile platform. The Progresif Radio application has been downloaded over 20,000 times.
The group also had the opportunity to visit the Network Operations Center and the Progresif Startup Lab, which houses three startups to date.
Council members then visited the An-Nuha Progresif branch in Tanjung Bunut where they had a closer look at the management and operations of the Progresif retail business.

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