Words From a Wiser Woman: Letters To My Younger Self

At Progresif, we’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of the community related to our four pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility to find opportunities to support, develop, and promote individuals, ideas and initiatives that move Brunei’s economy and culture forward.

This time we wanted to create something different.. something special. We wanted to have dedicated space share inspirational and motivational stories by collaborating with distinguished women in Brunei.

We set our fellow Progresif’s on a quest to seek out and nominate women who they are greatly inspired by; women whom they look up to, whose life journey has moved them deeply, and whose achievements they think deserve recognition.

In an era where feminism and female empowerment movements are immensely advocated and celebrated, there is an increasing number of women that are empowered to have their voices be heard. Across the globe, we have seen and read stories of the journeys of women who have persevered and triumphed through the many trials and tribulations they have faced in their life and career. Stories that have caused a positive ripple effect among women they have never even met.

We therefore invited these inspirational women to share their words of wisdom and insights on life’s lessons in the form of a letter to their younger self saying the things they most needed to hear.

Because we, too, would like to create a ripple effect among the people in Brunei. We know and firmly believe that there is no shortage of these stories in Brunei. Stories that young women in Brunei need to read. Stories that are close to home. Stories that deserve to be heard.