Having produced several original hits of varying genres over the past decade, Perfect Scums has deliberately stood out from the rest for being highly experimental with their music in the local scene.
It takes some time to master this craft, according to frontman and rhythm guitarist Jaz, who helped create the band in 2009.
The band’s music style has evolved from its humble grunge beginnings to 80’s synthesiser pop which is evident in their latest LP, Electronic Heartbeats. This direction helps the band maintain its edge amidst the growing number of new talents in the sultanate.
The Perfect Scums comprise of Jaz and Afiq (guitars), Theo (drummer) and Alley (bassist). In this article and video, they share with us their story and future aspirations for their music, as well as new songs that they will be releasing soon.

When and how did you guys start as a band?

We started as a prom band in 2009, and eventually, we got really serious about making music the following year. We all came from the same high school, primary school and kindergarten, but the band really started when we were all in Form Six.

Which artist do you think you sound like?

That’s hard because we’re always changing our sounds depending on the album. I guess we can backtrack to our first EP, which sounded like this very grungy alternative rock blended with the 90’s Seattle sound, but also a little bit of pop punk. Then when it came to our first LP, Chapter 13, a lot of our inspiration came from bands and artists like PJ Harvey, White Lies and some Japanese songs.
Our second LP, Electronic Heartbeats, was very 80’s synthesiser pop inspired. We listened to a lot of 80’s music at the time of recording that album. Now, we’re working on some R&B Groove Funky material that’s going to be totally different to what we’ve done before.

Do you have a pre-gig ritual?

We usually find a place to eat before a show. I think we’re just pretty chill about it. We just tell each other “it’s going to be fine, the crowd looks alright” and then we go out there and play.

What are your upcoming projects?

We are currently in the process of recording a double LP which is based on two different sounds. Luna and Solace will be released separately this year. Luna focuses on softer, more experimental tones with a lot of electronic instruments and guitar elements, while Solace is going to be more rock guitar based. It’s all about experimenting and we’re just trying out sounds that we haven’t tried before and to see what happens next.

What are the future plans for the band?

We are conceptualising on the album that comes after the release of our double LP, and it’s going to be loosely based off a graphic novel by Craig Thomson called Blankets. We were thinking of creating an album that’s like a spiritual retelling of this beautiful story.

What does the word progressive mean to you?

Doing what you love without fear of what’s going to happen, whether you’re doing it right or wrong. If you feel compelled to do what you want to do or do what you love, then just do it, because if you don’t try, then you’ll never progress really.
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