Calisthenics has been around for about 3000 years. Yep, 3000! It dates back to the ancient Greek civilization. But if you’re only hearing about calisthenics recently, that’s okay, because the beauty of the sport is you’re never too old to learn. It’s an activity that welcomes everyone with open—and sometimes flexed—arms.

For many of us, when we hear the word “fitness” these days, it brings to mind going to the gym and working out with weights and other—sometimes unfamiliar or intimidating—equipment. But thanks to the simplicity of street workouts, not only are they inexpensive but they’re exhilarating, inclusive of all ages and skill levels, and continuously evolving.
Calisthenics, which has grown popular in Brunei over the last two years, is a street-style fitness sport, that’s all about controlling your own bodyweight through exercises that increase the body’s strength, fitness and flexibility. Training provides benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning in addition to improving psychomotor skills, the connection of your mental conscious and your actual body movement. Avid practice of calisthenics can improve balance, agility and coordination (yep, think of a ninja).
Speaking of ninjas – meet Mairgix Fitness Centre, a local calisthenics group who, earlier in May, hosted the Brunei Street Workout Championship for the 2nd time. It’s amazing to see these guys doing what they do to promote the sport as an outlet for people who love exercising in a healthy competitive setting, all of which aims to spread awareness that calisthenics is an alternative workout routine for Bruneian youths.
If you’re looking for something new for your kids or you just want to change things up in your regular workout routine, check out Mairgix Fitness at the address below, where you can be sure to find the street style approach combined with exercises fresh, expressive and fun.

Wanna find out more about the winners on Instagram?

Longest Human Flag Hold, Back lever Hold and Bar Wars Winner:
Bryan Bin Michael Harry
from Miri Sarawak @actsaintz
Longest Handstand Hold:
Ak Muhammad Habibullah Pg Hj Jufri @bbibbyy
Longest Front Lever Hold:
Mohammad Zamir Bin Mohammad Amirhussli @_mzma
Max Reps Under 35:
Md Aisamuddin Bin Haji Jeffri @samderverlift
Over 35:
Muhammad Arif bin Pehin Sulaiman @ripped_
1st Runner Up:
Sujalani bin Abd Ghani
2nd Runner Up:
Joehari Hj Justin @joemimi512
Max no. of muscle ups under 1 min:
Mohamad Aiman @aimaniss
Open Freestyle Winner:
Mohammad Zamani Bin Nudin @_zamani.nudin
1st Runner Up:
Jonathan Ho Yung Sheng @jonathanhoho
2nd Runner Up:
Ampuan Md Gapor @amp_steelflyer