You could say that nothing’s more progressive than the idea of making a living out of building something from scratch – be it a solar powered car, an alarm clock that automatically cooks breakfast and brews a cup of coffee every morning, or even a robot to do your homework (just kidding, always study smart, kids).
This Maker’s Movement that our generation is seeing today takes innovation to a whole new level, by coming up with ideas and making them practical enough to make our lives simpler. Today we have mobile apps for food delivery, like Food Fuel and even 3D printers that can turn your dreams into reality, imagine cool sunglasses – and voila, you’ll get it in 3D, but that’s just the beginning.
With more progressive minds, Brunei can achieve greater heights of bettering our daily lives. Given a year or two, young inventors, out-of-the-box thinkers and toy tinkers could develop prototypes by joining manufacturers who setup maker labs to pool their resources and talents into one great dream come true – think KHUB with the bonus of having more incentives for being more creative.
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