December Holiday Camp

This December, Omni Sports will be hosting a holiday camp, bringing Art and Sports together in a full and engaging roster of fun activities. Partnering with JoArt Gallery and Relentless Performing Arts School, the December camp will offer a varied and immersive experience for all participants. To secure your camp bookings early, head straight to the Progresif Events portal here.
Each day, your child will be able to enjoy two sports and an artistic pursuit. By partnering Omni’s highly regarded coaching team with instructors from JoArt and Relentless, participants may choose between an array of enriching activities.
Mixing it up with a special field trip every Wednesday, Omni Sports will organize an adventure excursion which will encourage your child to develop, learn and share with new-found friends, whilst partaking in team building challenges.

Coach Ghazi

Coach Ghazi has been with Omni Sports for three years, specializing in coaching junior rugby and football. With a decorated career in the two sports, Coach Ghazi has played club and school football virtually his whole life. The pinnacle of his sporting career, however, was getting the honour of captaining the Brunei National Sevens Rugby team.
Focused on providing his young players with the best possible experience in the football sessions at the Omni Sports December camp, Coach Ghazi’s philosophy is all about fun and fundamentals. He enjoys branding his different coaching drills after the famous footballers who young children dream of becoming. So when it comes to ‘Dribbling like Messi’, ‘Shooting like Ronaldo’, or ‘Defending like Van Dijk’, Coach Ghazi knows just what to do to turn skill-based drills into fun games on the field.

Coach Gaby

Coach Gaby has been with the Omni Sports family for four years. A born all-rounder, Gaby is an accomplished girls’ and boys’ basketball, junior swimming, and beginner gymnastics coach. Her love for sport started early on in her primary school days, and her passion has only grown with time. For Coach Gaby, community, good sportsmanship, and empowering young people beyond academics are what make sports great.
During the December Camp, Coach Gaby will be conducting beginner gymnastics. With her coaching schemes informed by the GymKraft school in Singapore, Coach Gaby is excited to introduce children to the joys of gymnastics, with a priority on safety. Young campers can look forward to floor-based fundamentals such as front roll, hand-stand and front walk-over while focusing on body awareness.

Coach Syasya

Coach Syasya is one of the newest coaches to join the Omni family, but has been a high-level athlete and coach for much of her life! At 21 years of age, Coach Syasya has achieved a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, represented the Brunei National Team, and has 6 years total coaching experience under her belt, including 2 years as the Head of Fusion Coaching in Melbourne.
Having begun Tae Kwon Do at five years old, Coach Syasya knows first-hand how best to introduce the sport to young learners. Translated, Tae Kwon Do means “the way of your hands and feet” and campers can expect to be introduced to the principles and fun of the sport over the three weeks of the December Camp. Self-control, indomitable spirit, and sporting courtesy are the traits that will be learnt along with all the kicking, striking, stances and sparring. Of course, as with all the Omni Activities, the priority always remains safety and serious fun above everything.

To give your child a headstart on the journey to a healthy body, healthy mind, go to Progresif Events and reserve your spot!