With all the experience under their belt, you would be pressed to find an organisation who understands how to structure a children’s holiday camp better than Omni Sports International. Year after year, they’ve refined their recipe and have grown confident in their ability to consistently deliver on their objective: instilling a healthy body and mind mentality with sessions that are always engaging and always fun.
Beyond the variety of sporting activities on offer, this December’s holiday camp combines the talent and expertise of JoArt Gallery and Relentless Entertainment to create an experience campers won’t soon forget.


From their well-known base in Kiulap, JoArt gallery has long been an entry point to the world of visual arts for children and adults alike; and this December, that world is going to get a little bigger.
Throughout the camp, Teachers Lilian Marie Heng and Siti Rabi’atul Adawiyah from JoArt will be taking campers on a creative journey that teaches new skills and unlocks the imagination. Inspired by the belief that everyone is creative and therefore, is an artist with skills yet to unfold, the teachers are ready to empower and encourage the artist inside each camper.
With their training foundations in Fine Arts stemming from IB and Architecture studies for Lilian, and A-Level Art for Siti, campers will find themselves informed and inspired by knowledgable and nurturing artists. With canvas painting, decoupage decor and learning to make masquerade masks being just a few of the activities the children can expect, this is sure to be a crafted experience that will broaden their creativity as much as their abilities.


The names Mardi Hedus and Relentless Entertainment are ubiquitous with dance, theatre and performing arts in Brunei. For head performing and theatre arts coach Mardi, their success stems from a simple belief – with practice and discipline, everyone has the ability to achieve their dreams and reach their fullest potential. With over 15 years of teaching experience that has seen him teach in London at the Pineapple Performing Arts School, and work for the BBC, ITV and Nickelodeon, as well as directing and choreographing 12 professional musical productions, Mardi knows a little bit about fulfilling potential.
Understanding that performing arts has the unique ability to build confidence as well as encourage focus and collaboration, Mardi’s classes at the December camp are set to provide a safe and inclusive space for first time and seasoned performers to explore expression through dance, drama, voice and improvisation. This will be a valuable experience throughout, one not to be missed.

How to book?

The camp will run from 2-20 December, but registrations will be open until 19th December. To secure this opportunity, head to www.progresifevents.com. For more information, please contact +673 819 9301 or head to their Instagram @omnisports_bn