20 Images. 20 Seconds. Japanese for ‘chit chat’.

It’s your show. 20 images. 20 seconds. So what’s Pecha Kucha all about? Well, Pecha Kucha – Japanese for ‘chit chat’ are night meets of creative people who get together and share their ideas, works and thoughts or just about anything they love.
What started in Tokyo, Japan, has now made its way to Brunei and has gained momentum among the locals as a strong means of getting everyone’s passion under a six-minute spotlight.
The presentations are simple; 20 slides with 20 seconds to talk per slide. This keeps the talks smooth with more time to mingle after the show (and we know, that’s always fun).
Brunei’s chapter of the international sensation is run by a team of local volunteers who dedicate their time towards keeping this casual platform simple – they pull resources for the quarterly occasions and push to bring audiences the most passionate of speakers to the limelight for all to lend their ears. It’s a creative network that gets to the point in the most fun way possible.
Pecha Kucha Brunei will be hitting its 5th volume this November, which also marks their first anniversary of a successful following to the many creative denizens of the Sultanate of Brunei.
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