How learning the art of making the perfect Penyaram can teach us something about tradition

At a glance, the Penyaram (or UFO cakes) may not seem like much. After all, it’s only made of flour, water and palm sugar (Gula Melaka). But there may be more to these simple little delights than meets the eye.

It turns out that it took a lot of skill in mixing and cooking. It was quite normal to get these local cakes wrong the first time around.
Yet despite the challenge, there’s a rising interest among young people in Brunei to learn traditional methods of cooking such as in the case of making these dome-shaped cakes. Why is that so?
We went to the famed Kunyit 7 Lodge in Kg Ayer to learn more about making Penyaram and to ask the locals about the resurgence of youth interest.
Youth in Brunei are more interested in learning about traditional cooking methods and local delicacies.

We think that it’s a great thing because it means that culture and tradition get passed down younger generations – ensuring their survival.

As we learned more about making the perfect Penyaram, we caught up with Kemariah Pg Hj Duraman, owner of Kunyit 7 Lodge and local penyaram maker Mardiah Bujang, on how youths are revisiting their tradition.

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