When Pokémon Go launched in Brunei on August 6th, Brunei went crazy – in the best possible way. It brought friends, family, and strangers together (in turn making new friends). Nightlife was alive again with streets packed with people hunting for their favourite Pokémon. Even children are behaving and doing their homework just to play the game.
Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality game, developed by Niantic, for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch devices. A while back Progresif’s own Pokémon hunters decided to make a campaign for the community, where Survival Kits were given out at multiple places for Pokemon Goers to meet, socialize and catch ‘em all.
The first 50 people who arrived at the meeting spot on time got a free Survival Kit with a Chocolate Bomb courtesy of our friends from Bake Culture and Wintermelon drinks for each, from GongCha. Just to add more fun, anyone who was wearing an #iamprogresif t-shirt or using a Progresif line were also given a $10 TopUp to keep them hunting longer.

We also kicked off the Progresif Prepaid Pokemon Pack, where all Prepaid users could buy 1 weeks’ worth of unlimited data, which is 100% dedicated for playing Pokemon for just $5. This keeps you worry-free because it won’t eat up your regular credit and that let’s you do the other things you need separately, like browsing the Internet or WhatsApp-ing your friends to let them know you found a strong Pokémon nest.