We’re not leaving anyone behind. Now all our Prepaid customers get to enjoy YO!, the only 5G Prepaid plan in Brunei!

YO! is the most flexible prepaid plan in the market that allows you to Build Your Own plan. And we’ve brought over all your favorite Add-ons to build with.

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All our YO! subscribers enjoy free Reserve Data on selected Add-ons. Your main Add-on data is used first and when it runs out, your Reserve Data will be used at slower speed to help you control your usage and ensure that you’re always connected! Purchase Add-ons for a better speed experience via SMS, USSD or CARE+

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is my plan being migrated to 5G YO! Prepaid?
We are upgrading our PAYG and One Mobile Prepaid subscribers to a better Prepaid experience with 5G YO! Prepaid starting from 1 October 2023.

Click here for more information on 5G YO! Prepaid.

What will happen to my remaining credit, and data Add-ons?
Any remaining credit balance and Data Add-ons as of 30 September 2023 will be brought forward to your new 5G YO! Prepaid plan.
What will happen to my remaining bonus credit?
We have notified customers by SMS on 2 September 2023 to use up their credit bonus by 30 September 2023 as their plan will be upgraded to 5G YO! Prepaid. Any remaining bonus credit left after 30 September 2023 will be forfeited on 1 October 2023.
What will happen to my monthly One Mobile Plan subscription?
Your plan will be still on the subscription on the new plan under it new name, Combo Pack 1GB/5GB/10GB/25GB.
Can I still buy the current One Mobile Add-ons or Data Add-ons?
You can still buy monthly recurring Add-ons that are similar to One Mobile Add-ons from the Combo Pack Add-ons and Data Add-ons with YO! Prepaid on the CARE+ app, dial *177# or SMS.
What is Reserve Data?
When you purchase selected Data Add-ons, you will receive Reserve Data that will only be used after you have exhausted your data so you can still have online access with limited speed.
When will Prepaid PAYG/One Mobile plan be discontinued?
Prepaid PAYG/One Mobile plan will no longer be sold starting 1 September 2023.
I need further assistance. Who can I call?
You can reach out to us by sending a message through social media, call us at 177, message us on WhatsApp at 822 0177 or visit your nearest Progresif Store.

Bahasa Melayu

Kenapa pelan saya dipindah ke 5G YO! Prepaid?
Kami menaik taraf pelanggan PAYG dan Prepaid One Mobile kami ke pengalaman Prepaid yang lebih baik dengan YO! Prepaid mulai 1 Oktober 2023.

Tekan di sini untuk mengetahui maklumat lanjut mengenai 5G YO! Prepaid.

Apakah yang akan terjadi kepada baki kredit, dan data Add-on saya?
Kesemua baki kredit dan data Add-on pada 30 September 2023 akan dipindahkan ke pelan baharu 5G YO! Prepaid awda secara automatik.
Apakah yang akan terjadi pada baki bonus kredit saya?
Kami telah memaklumkan pelanggan-pelanggan melalui SMS pemberitahuan pada 2 September 2023 untuk menggunakan bonus kredit mereka sebelum 30 September 2023 kerana pelan terdahulu mereka akan dinaiktaraf ke pelan 5G YO! Prepaid. Mana-mana baki bonus kredit yang masih ada selepas 30 September 2023 akan mansuh pada 1 Oktober 2023.
Apakah yang akan terjadi pada Pelan langganan bulanan One Mobile saya?
Pelan awda masih dalam langganan bulanan yang terdapat pada pelan baharu dengan nama Combo Pack 1GB/5GB/10GB/25GB.
Adakah saya masih boleh membuat pembelian pada langganan bulanan Pelan One Mobile serta Data Add-on?
Awda masih boleh membuat pembelian Add-on bulanan yang sama seperti Add-on One Mobile daripada Combo Pack Add-on dan Data Add-on dengan YO! Prepaid melalui aplikasi CARE+, dail *177# atau SMS.
Apakah Reserve Data?
Apabila awda membeli Data Add-on yang terpilih, awda akan menerima Reserve Data yang hanya akan digunakan setelah habis menggunakan data awda dan awda masih akan mendapatkan akses online pada kelajuan yang terhad.
Bilakah pelan Prepaid PAYG/One Mobile akan dihentikan?
Pelan PAYG/One Mobile tidak lagi akan dijual mulai 1 September 2023
Saya memerlukan bantuan lanjut. Siapakah yang patut saya hubungi?
Awda boleh menghantarkan mesej melalui media sosial, menghubungi kami di 177, menghantar WhatsApp ke 822 0177 atau kunjungi cawangan-cawangan Progresif yang berdekatan.