In their most recent doubling down on a long-standing commitment to corporate altruism, Progresif has announced a pledge to donate one percent of each sales transaction at Progresif-supported events to beneficiaries linked to their four Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars of Arts and Culture, Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship.

Since its inception, Progresif has gone to great lengths to be much more than just a mobile service provider. While one of their primary aims is to enable the communities they serve to enjoy a connected, inspired and progressive life; the company has maintained a belief that people always come before technology and processes.

This full-hearted promise to keep CSR at the center of their operational focus has materialized in a number of initiatives over their five year history. Now, in this most recent campaign to give back to the community, Progresif is calling out to other corporates to join them in the one percent pledge.

“We hope this pledge is one that others can join in on because we believe in the idea that when many people do their little bit, huge positive change can occur,” said Hafiza Mohamad, Progresif’s corporate communications manager.

“We welcome all those interested in partnering with us for this one percent pledge to contact our corporate communications team to strategize how to make a difference together”.